When using Meanings-In-Motion Life Skill Card Decks along with Meanings-In-Motion Activity Book, Discovering The Best Me I Can Be! there’s an insightful conversation starter and fun eye-opening activity for every group and/or classroom.

Download a free PDF with Educator Lesson Plans to use their Life Skill Card Decks HERE!


“Meanings-In-Motion promotes leadership skills that every child needs to be successful in today’s fast-paced world.”

“Focusing on a life skill a week has become a part of our classroom routine.”

“These cards have been a great way to get our group learning, talking and sharing with one another.”

“Meanings-In-Motion challenges students by emphasizing creative thinking, empathy, listening and cooperation skills.”

“As a child mentor, Meanings-In-Motion workbook and cards have been a great way to facilitate meaningful dialog and interactions with the kids I work with.”

“The shared wisdom from students when using these cards has been remarkable!”

“Our group loves Meanings-In-Motion!”