Learning life skills is an adventure- opening doors for children to discover, learn, and grow while keeping them talking, curious, and motivated. Meanings-In-Motion seeks to guide children on this quest by giving them the keys they need to be successful in life. We are confident that Meanings-In-Motion Life Skill Card Decks along with Discovering The Best Me I Can Be! Activity Book will be the essential keys to unlocking your child’s greatest potential, while bringing your family closer together.

So let the learning, conversations and fun begin!


“We are fans! These cards are a great way to get the kids talking about deeper subjects without them feeling like it’s a lecture.”

“Love these cards…they are so wonderful for starting meaningful conversations with my son. We have actually started “Meanings Mondays”
where we have a sit down dinner and discuss at least one of the cards every Monday night. I purchased 3 sets of the cards because I wanted to share them with my son’s teacher and a friend who’s a marriage & family therapist…and they are both already using them. I think every family should have a set, it makes it so easy & fun to talk about ideas & values that all parents want to their children to appreciate.”

“The kids and I worked on the goal setting card today. The kids were silly at first and then settled down and had some great insights to share. It was good for me too because I feel I am more accountable when I say things out loud.”

“Our family worked on the diversity card last night. It really got us thinking outside the box!”

“Recently we had a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE day at our house…lots of negative energy. I sat down on the couch in the evening, drained and exhausted, and started flipping through the cards. Eventually the boys wandered over…Max picked up the ‘feelings’ card, and we started talking about how our day was mostly ‘mad’ and ‘sad’ as we pointed to the little emoticons. We eventually started laughing as we talked about how we all agreed that we like feeling happy most of all, and how it’s up to us to make it happen! We had a wonderful discussion about how we could actually control our feelings, and CHOOSE happiness over letting ANGER set in. I don’t think it would have been as easy to have this conversation if we hadn’t had the cards to help change the dynamic – they served as a focal point for the discussion. What a great way to connect and feel close – we all went to bed feeling much better.”

“I am a single father of two young boys. I have always wanted to talk to my boys about life-skills and values but never knew how. These cards are just what I needed. Meanings-In-Motion cards give me the prompts I need as a parent to get the ball rolling. Thank you Meanings-In-Motion….What a treasured gift.”

“We think we teach our kids life values, but do we really take them time to talk openly about them? These cards are fabulous! They open the door to all kinds of discussions. And they are fun too. Don’t stop with kids…I have shared them with friends and it’s a real eye opener!”