Creator and owner of Meanings-In-Motion Jennifer Sengelmann is committed to helping address the many pressures that children and families face today through the development of: high quality, educational, time-relevant, and unique products. These products empower children and families through the development essential leadership/life skills.

As a social worker, author, wife, and mother of two, Jennifer understands all too well the many pressures that children and families face today and how difficult it can be to connect on meaningful topics that often get missed in the rush of daily life. As a mom Jennifer found herself managing homework, meals, sports schedules, etc. and realized that weren’t those natural openings for discussions on positive life skills she wanted to instill in her children. Jennifer developed Meanings-In-Motion to bridge this gap and encourage fun meaningful dialog while helping herself and her children put positive principles into action. Jennifer believes that it is never too soon for children to learn self-empowerment principles that encourage them to live happy and healthy lives.

What began as a fun way to impart timeless wisdom to her own children, nieces, and nephews has developed into a business of bringing all people and families closer together. Jennifer’s children ages 10-12, along with their cousins, have all had a creative hand in making Meanings-In-Motion products creative, fun, and kid friendly. Nothing is more important to Jennifer than family. She has been blessed not only with wonderful parents and grandparents, but also with extended family, mentors, and teachers and understands the importance of passing down stories, life lessons, and wisdom from one generation to the next. This connection and shared wisdom are priceless possessions that she is committed to passing on to future generations.

This is why she developed Character Building Life Skill Cards (portable conversation games and activities), as well as, Discovering the Best Me I Can Be! Activity Book.


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